The World’s Restaurants Offer Much More Than Food


A quick scanning of your movie memory will likely provide you with a number of cities that immediately pop to mind when considering having a meal, a drink, and a view. Cities like Shanghai offer incredible views of The Bund, Pudong and the Huangpu River which bisects the sprawling metropolis. The same goes for Hong Kong where massive skyscrapers look like were almost sodded into the island city providing great water views and other aspects this bustling city.

Moving further west, European restaurants offer dining options along the canals of Venice, the Seine and Eiffel Tower, and countless other sites to be seen throughout the continent as you dine. Moving to the New World, specifically North America, the Manhattan skyline immediately pops to mind whether viewed from the heart Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. As you move to the west coast of The States, the balconies of New Orleans restaurants, the rising skyline of the Windy City, and many more restaurants will offer you a memorable view well before the coastal views of Seattle, Portland, the wine country of Napa and Sonoma, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

However, for many, San Francisco restaurants with a view can compete with or exceed that of any of the above cities all over the world. San Francisco’s unique location surrounded by water, its needed if not iconic bridges, parks, diverse neighborhoods like The Mission and Chinatown. (The former being more “do you work for Google, Apple or Facebook?” now rather than its original place as a predominately Latino neighborhood possessing a wonderful vibe with an edge.) The Financial District, cable cars, (Italian) North Beach, The Embarcadero, its many piers, Golden Gate Park, and the Pacific Ocean will give you even more options.

In San Francisco, it will be the ability to land a reservation or decide what type of view you want rather than a struggle for a view. This can, however, sometimes change quite rapidly in a city famous for the blankets of fog which can form off the bay or the ocean in five minutes flat. But that fog is also a view in and of itself and a delight to watch it roll in in the early evening as the city’s lights try to cut through it as night falls.

The Financial District offers numerous restaurants and bars (with food) that offer posh locations that often boast 360-degree views of the city. The Embarcadero and the many piers surrounding The Marina will generally lean towards seafood offerings given their placement on the water with many also providing a view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Head out to the many restaurants built on cliffs overlooking the Pacific for a romantic dinner in restaurants famous for their views for nearly a century. Once again, figure out what you wish to see and San Francisco won’t disappoint as you look for that view while enjoying a brilliant bite in this culinary destination that ranks with any other in the United States.


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