What Makes Gourmet Popcorn Better than Regular Popcorn?


Gourmet popcorn is popping up everywhere, and you might be wondering why it’s different from the usual stuff. You may have thought that gourmet popcorn was just another way to sell overpriced junk food, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Gourmet popcorn has many benefits compared to regular old microwavable bags of corn kernels. From the way it is made to how it tastes, you will definitely say that this type of popcorn is worth your money.

Here are a few good reasons that make gourmet popcorn way better than regular popcorn:

  1. The quality of corn used.

The difference between regular popcorn and gourmet is the type of corn used to make it. The finest quality popcorn for instance would have less than ten percent kernel density while most other types hover around three quarters or so concentrations instead with sixteenths being considered “normal.”

To increase the quality of their gourmet popcorn, most companies use only select types of corn. For example: regular popcorn can come from just about any type or variety while gourmet brands will typically use fine-quality milling techniques for all ingredients before popping them together in one kettle so you get more surface area exposed to heat than if popped individually on separate kettles at different temperatures (this also maximises flavour).

  1. A healthier option.

It’s no secret that regular popcorn is not the healthiest choice. With its high levels of salt and sugar, it can be more detrimental to your diet than you may think.

Regular popcorn has ingredients which can lead you down a path towards health problems such as preservatives and high levels of salt/sugar content in them. Meanwhile, gourmet varieties often have lower amounts with natural products like fibre present instead making this healthier snack food option more appealing for consumers who tend to be more conscious of their diet.

  1. Wider variety of flavours.

These days, gourmet popcorn can come in all sorts of flavours. Some are spicy like cinnamon and jalapeno while others have a sweeter flavour to match their favourite movie or game time snacks better- something for everyone!

From sweet & tart blueberry right down to the savoury yellow cheddar cheese taste you crave when it’s dinnertime—gourmet varieties are able to cater your taste buds’ needs.

  1. Careful popping process.

Unlike regular popcorn, gourmet popcorn can be up to 60% larger than its original seed. After inspection, each kernel from a cup of popcorn is placed into categories and given a classification based on shape:

Mushroom shaped gourmet popcorn will pop more around the edges as they expand outward from their centre while butterfly-shaped variety has straight sides with rounded corners that make for less dense popped kernels.

  1. They make great gifts.

Gourmet popcorn also sets itself apart from regular popcorn because of its aesthetic. From the way the kernels have been popped to the flavours added into them, gourmet popcorn now makes for great presents during special occasions.

Gourmet popcorn can be stored in tin cans or carefully-packaged containers and given during holidays such as Christmas, or as party favours in various celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, or corporate events.

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