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Pizza is one of the most consumed dishes in the world, and many think that pizza originated in Italy. Right? Wrong! The origin of the pizza is vast and quite curious.

Its long history spans centuries and millennia, unifying the countries of Europe and then continents and the whole world.

The origin of the word pizza is uncertain. In Italian it means “pie” and may have come from the Greek word pitta or from the Latin word pinsa, which means flat bread. The pizza innovation itself happens to be also unsure and can’t be featured to a named person.

Let’s address in this article the whole history of pizza. Know everything from its creation until the way it arrived in Brazil.

Where was the pizza invented?

Pizza, just like various other foods, did not instigate in the country whom it is now well-known for. Unless you have researched the subject, few know where the pizza came from. You, like many people, probably always thought that Pizza was strictly an Italian creation.

There are several versions about where the pizza was invented. But the most accepted is that it was discovered by the Egyptians 6,000,000 years ago.

But the first major breakthrough in pizza history came in the 16th century with the arrival of New World tomatoes. Next to the tomato. Potato sauces soon became an integral part of Italian pizza, which later spread throughout the world.

The oldest known home of old pizza comes from the island of Sicily, where the archaeologist found remains of flat bread and tools for its manufacture.

One of the earliest mentions of pizza came from the historical writings of Darius, the great conquest of Europe. He mentions his soldiers’ habit of roasting flat bread in their shells, which were then covered with cheese and dates.

The Roman Empire and especially the area around Naples and Pompeii were famous for the use of pizzas as daily meals. There are several historical writings from those times that mention his ability to make flatbreads that were later seasoned with various toppings.

The History of Modern Pizza

The arrival of the New World tomatoes was an ingredient in the incredible rise of pizza’s popularity. The innovation center of the pizzas was centered in the city of Naples, where the local cooks began to implement the famous cover of tomato. One of those kind popular pizzas is classic pub pizza that is just yummy and too much cheesy.

The origin of modern pizza begins in the late eighteenth century, pizza has achieved great popularity in the streets of Naples. It was sold in the poorer neighborhoods of the city, which became a popular tourist destination for many Italian and European sailors who visited the city.

From Italy to the world

His successful pizza presentation made his projects part of an Italian food culture. The consummation of pizza continued to spread throughout Italy. Thus, the origin of pizza has become popular all over the world.

The moment that brought the true international fame of pizza came after the end of World War II. At this time, soldiers returning from the European fronts brought with them an appetite for this incredible dish.

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