Cookie Jars That Are Most Popular In 2020


The humble cookie jar, a very commonplace household item in everyone’s kitchen or living room yet constantly underrated in terms of importance. While you might have never before devoted much thought to the types of cookie jars and designs available, a strategic dive would actually reveal many options for you.

Dreading having to go through hours of search in order to find the right cookie jar? Fret not, in this article we will be covering 5 types of cookie jars that are highly relevant in 2020.

Novelty Jars

Novelty jars are in demand by various sorts of collectors who purchase these jars for their imaginative and unique styles. These intriguing developments take references from pop culture and can come in several forms such as movies, music and even memes.

Individuals are often internally inspired to acquire these cookie jars when there are strong associations with the reference which they take from. This makes novelty cookie jars an excellent present for friends and family.

Visualize eating a scrumptious cookie and reusing the cookie jar created in the form of the statue of liberty or Red London Phone Booth. This cookie jar would certainly be aesthetically pleasing and functional in any residence for anyone.

Vintage Jars

Brush Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio was founded in 1906 by Mr. George Brush who produced the very first ceramic cookie jar. Cookie jars that were produced during by the company during this time period are highly in demand among collectors would wish to acquire them. They enjoy great value from the perception of their artistry.

Interestingly enough, these cookie jars look nothing like the ones we have today. Instead, the previous versions of the cookie jars were known extensively as biscuit jars or barrels. It had a basic design that functionally serves its purpose. The look of cookie jars in the past were mainly shaped like a barrel, had a body of glass with an ending cover constructed out of metal.

Ceramic Jars

While it is true that the first cookie jars were made from ceramic and have faded in popularity over the years, they still do offer unique advantages. Their value stems from their insulation and inertness against both internal and external forces. Being highly resistant to heat, opaque and chemically inert, they can preserved stored food for longer periods of time. This makes them prime candidates for keeping fermented food such as pickles.

Glass Jars

Glass jars bear two benefits in their transparency and minimalist appearance. This makes them a popular choice among home owners who which to display their snacks in the living room or kitchen without over cluttering the space. Furthermore, glass jars are reputed for being resistant to odour formations.

Plastic Jars

Plastic cookie jars are the predominantly used variation today. With plastic jars, you get a wide selection, from transparent to opaque, from plain to coloured. As such, most people can find a plastic cookie jar that fits their needs. Additioanlly, plastic is much lighter and durable as compared to either glass or ceramic jars. This makes them much safer if placed at height or when the household has kids and pets.

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