Selecting A Menu For Your Home Hosted Dinner


When planning for a dinner party in your home, it can be quite overwhelming to select the menu for the meal. Afterall, so much of the success of the dinner is based on the menu that you have selected. From choosing the type of cuisine to the number of courses, from deciding on the dishes to be served to their sequence, there is so much to be accounted for.

To help you, we have written this simple guide for selecting a menu for your home hosted dinner.

Consider Your Guests

Always start with your guests in mind. When organizing an intimate dinner celebration, it’s vital to have an accurate attendee count. We suggest sending invitations at least two weeks beforehand and requesting visitors to RSVP no later than a week prior to the event. Grocery store shopping ends up being a lot easier when you have sufficient time to prep, plan your menu and portions!

Prior to preparing your dinner menu, make sure that you have contacted all your visitors if they have any type of dietary restrictions or food allergies to protect against anyone from going hungry at dinnertime!

Produce Your Best

To be on the cautious side, it would also be safer to ready meals that you’ve produced prior to; i.e. tested and tried to decrease any missteps on the actual day of cooking! One sure way to cook up your very best would be first participate in cooking class Singapore courses. Try signing up for classes dedicated to preparing a full meal. In this case, you would have gotten plenty of experience cooking the selected dishes, for groups and doing so in an efficient manner.

You should also have practiced making this meal within the confines of your home. This will alert you to constraints or restrictions that your kitchen has. Furthermore, it will help you nail the timings and detailed steps in constructing the entire meal.

Lets Talk Dessert

End the meal on a wonderful, sweet note with the ideal treat. Having perfectly decorated cupcakes or a sinful chocolate pastry presented on a charming cake stand would do the trick if you would such as to keep it simple. Have a look at dessert recipes for classics such as Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake or an elaborate individual Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Tartlets!

Don’t Forget Drinks

Always keep things simple and sophisticated by going for a glass of wine and one trademark alcoholic drink. The Magisso Champagne Cooler will ensure that your beverages will be kept cool and chilled during your meal. You can even compose or make an individualized message on the side of the ceramics with a chalk! The prize-winning series of Magisso items can be found here.

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