Mistakes to avoid when buying seafood


Whenever you go buying seafood, you need to be careful with the type of seafood you are buying. Each type has its prescriptions on proper handling that would ensure no contamination and the food remains fresh. Whether it is fresh or frozen, you must be ready to maintain a high level of hygiene. Some small mistakes that are done during packaging, storage, and even transportation could cost you dearly.

Following are some of the mistakes you should avoid

Buying the fish when it is not shiny and bright

Fresh fish will always have shiny and bright scales, which are bright and adhering to the skin. As the fish loses its freshness, the shine on the scales begins to fade, the grills would develop some funny coating, and the fish loses its color. There should not be slime coating on the fish or brown/ green color- the odor should not be fishy. Fresh fish would have full eyes, very clear and protruding depending on the species.

Purchasing fish fillets and steaks, when the odor is strong

You may notice some signs of browning or die at the edges of the fish and/ or the odor is strong. Those are signs that the fish is not fresh. Dishonest stores may even want to sell such to you at reduced prices. Therefore, you should shun such and go for the fresh shiny and odorless seafood. The odor of fresh fish is always fresh and mild. Look for firm, moist, elastic and fresh-cut appearance.

Buying solidĀ frozen seafood

When you buy frozen seafood, it not easy to tell if the food is clean or not. It actually may take an expert like The Ocean Mart, to tell its condition and therefore to avoid getting expired seafood, ensure that it is not solid frozen. This would mean that even at low temperatures, it is fit for consumption.

For you to avoid some of the mistakes and ensure you get fresh and non-contaminated food, you must look for an experienced delivery company. Those that are well equipped and with enough experience in the industry.

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