How to Choose a Caterer for your Company Event

Using a catered corporate meal for your clients or staff members is a straightforward and very easy means to excite and beef up morale. However, given the sheer number of caterers who serve your area, it can be difficult to select one. To help you with the selection of a mini buffet supplier, we have written this article which lists actions you can take.

Begin with a List

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, when you have many choices to go through. As such, a preliminary look through followed by the creation of a list with a preliminary bunch of caterers to look further into would help.

It will make your quest much easier if you narrow your choices at the onset. Recommendations from business partners and friends can help. You can augment that with customer testimonials. Profit from the prior experience of the management of the events venue you have picked. Request them to suggest good catering services they have utilized on previous celebrations.

Perform an Eye Test

An eye test means a personal visual inspection of the caterer’s facilities and operations.

This is important and should be done before you seal the deal. Schedule an appointment to evaluate the catering service’s facilities. Check their kitchens for cleanliness and evaluate their staff’s attentiveness and professionalism. Watch out for warnings. It can indicate that the catering team has no interest and pride in their job if the cooking area is chaotic and filthy.

Inspect the Menu & its Flexibility

Study the specialties of the food caterer and consider the food selection options presented. Make certain that the catering service you select is appropriate to the kind of event and services you need. See if they are adaptable with food selection ideas and discuss dietary restrictions some of your guests might have.

Lookout for Staff Experience

Ensure that the caterer is able to provide all the staff depending upon the nature and dimension of your event. Check with the caterer about the experience of their staff. Many caterers employ part timers who may not be familiar with the handling of all dishes. In turn, mistakes may be made leading to less than ideal temperatures or setup for individual dishes.

You will want a manager for the services to oversee everything, bar personnel and the right amount of staff for sit down or buffet dinners.

Beware of Hidden Charges

The last making a decision consider selecting a caterer is expense. Ensure that their quote covers the whole service. Find out if there are extra costs or hidden charges before you affix your signature on the agreement. For example, some caterers may have terms and conditions that specify the maximum amount of time that the buffet line would be up. Should you exceed that time limit, a penalty will be incurred.

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