Everything to Know About Sushi Safety and Kids


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Is it safe for kids to eat sushi? Get the facts so you can keep your kids healthy.

Who doesn’t love sushi? When it comes to having dinner out, nothing beats the variety and flavors you’ll find at a great sushi restaurant. Plus, you get the health benefits of eating fish, rice, seaweed, and other veggies.

However, sushi may not always be the best choice for your kids. According to the FDA, raw foods such as sushi can contain more bacteria than foods that have been cooked. Plus, picky kids might be nervous about the idea of eating raw fish. However, there’s still a possibility for your kids to enjoy this tasty meal. Following these four simple guidelines will help ensure that your kids get the health benefits of sushi without the risk.

1. Wait Until They Turn Five

Children under the age of five should generally not eat sushi, as kids of this age may not have well-developed immune systems yet. At this age, contracting a food-borne illness could be much more dangerous to your child than it would be if they were older and had developed the proper immunities.

If your child is between four and six years old, you can safely order cooked seafood or shellfish for them as long as they have not been diagnosed with an allergy.

2. Only Go to Quality Restaurants

You can avoid contamination and poorly prepared food by only going to high rated sushi restaurants. A good sushi chef will know how to handle and prepare your food so that it is both safe and delicious.

Read reviews online or ask your sushi-loving friends to find out the best restaurants near you. To keep your kids healthy and safe, make sure you’re only visiting restaurants that you can really trust.

3. Choose Your Fish Wisely

Certain kinds of fish have more potential to be contaminated with bacteria than others. Freshwater fish, such as trout, yellow perch, and pike should never be eaten raw. Be sure never to order these fish for your kids if they are being served uncooked.

One of the safest raw fish you could order for your kids is tuna. Tuna is versatile and handles freezing and thawing well. If it is handled properly, it runs a very low risk for contamination. As an added bonus, raw tuna is super tasty and goes well with a variety of ingredients, so you have lots of fun rolls to choose from.

4. Explore the Menu

There’s more to sushi than just raw fish. A great sushi restaurant will also offer cooked dishes, like rice bowls and teriyaki chicken. If your kid is a picky eater, you might try ordering some tempura to snack on or a bento box so they can sample a variety of foods. You don’t have to eat raw fish to have a great time going out for sushi.

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