How To Throw Your Child A Cooking Class Birthday Party


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Host your kids cooking birthday party with the right plan and ingredients. You can host or schedule a cooking class party and watch your child learn real-life skills while having fun! Learn more about what it takes to host a cooking party.

If you are a parent, you know just how challenging it can be to come up with new ideas every year for birthday parties. When you factor in all the costs, scheduling constraints, and the number of guests, finding the right theme can feel daunting. For your child’s next party, consider a cooking birthday party—it’s unique, fun, and will give the kids a new skill! It will also keep the kids engaged for hours. Below is a step-by-step guide to planning a great cooking class party:

1. Plan What You’re Going to Make

The first step to hosting a cooking class birthday party is getting a sense for what the kids want to cook! When you send out invitations, include a few survey options for the kids to choose from (e.g. pizza, pasta, tacos, paninis). Make sure to choose options that are versatile enough to be interesting, but simple enough to be feasible. Pro tip: also provide a space for parents to indicate whether their children have any allergies you should be aware of. The last thing you want is an allergic reaction to dampen the spirit of the party on the day!

2. Round Up the Ingredients and Prepare Stations

Before the big day, make sure you are prepared. Put together “work” stations for the kids that include an apron, chef hat, all the ingredients, and relevant cooking equipment. Make sure to include basic “recipes” for the kids to follow. The best part about hosting a cooking party for kids is that you’re teaching them real life skills! Depending on the cuisine the kids choose, you can also get decorations to match (e.g. if the food is pizza, you could use decorate the house like an Italian pizzeria, play Italian cooking music, etc.).

3. Build in Time for Breaks and Cake

Most cooking or baking involves some downtime, which is a perfect opportunity for games or birthday cake! While you wait for the food to cook, make sure to plan activities, snacks, and time to celebrate the birthday girl/boy. Activities can relate to the food cuisine type—this is a great chance to teach the kids about mealtime traditions around the world!

4. Eat Up!

The best part of a cooking class birthday party is eating what you make! Make sure you budget enough time for assembly, cooking time, and time to fully enjoy the final products.

5. Consider Outsourcing the Party

If this sounds like too much planning and preparation (planning a cooking party is quite time-consuming), there is good news! There are professionals who host these kinds of parties regularly. Package deals include up to 3.5 hours of planned fun for your child and their friends that include 2 recipes (which kids can take home with them!), a birthday cake with candles, balloons, a birthday gift, an apron, a chef hat, snacks between recipes, party decorations, party music, and coffee & desserts for the parents. By outsourcing all the work, you get to sit back and really enjoy the special day with your child!

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