The popularity of home baking has increased over recent years possibly as a result of programs such as ‘Great British Bake Off’. Of course, the difference between the amateur bakers in the competition and those working at home is the access to the equipment provided in the tent. Commercial bakers utilise options such as Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 4 Burner Gas Oven or other commercial grade ovens like those available at

If you are thinking of baking a cake this week for your family, friends or even your work colleagues here is a list of the most popular cake flavours:

  • Vanilla sponge – you can’t beat a classic flavour sponge with a buttercream and jam filling. Its wheat flour (self-raising to avoid the use of baking powder), sugar, butter and eggs. Here in the UK we just mix this all together to make a smooth batter. This is then poured into a round or long tin. There are two varieties of sponge that comes from this, the Victoria sponge which involves two sponges with a layer of cream or buttercream and jam. The other is the plain Madeira cake which sits in the long tin. This is generally served plain. Sponge dates back to 1615 where it was first included in an early cookbook and guide for the house wife or servant. It was probably sampled more by the aristocracy to start with and sugar was an expensive commodity being exported in at great cost in terms of the lives used to capture and refine it (generally slave workers in the Caribbean) to the price and market. Honey was a viable substitute. There are many other types of cake, but the sponge mix generally makes up the central base. Here are two derivatives to start
  • Chocolate cake – A classic chocolate cake with cocoa powder added to the sponge mixture with either a vanilla or chocolate buttercream filling. It’s a very simple addition as you only need to add the cocoa powder to the recipe or even to your own liking. The inclusion of cocoa sponge batter swirled into a madeira mix is particularly striking.
  • Lemon cake – A lemon cake with a lemon curd style filling is popular during the summer and is a surprisingly refreshing taste. Again, an easy addition to the batter mix of lemon curd. There is also the chance to drizzle a lemon solution which hardens delightfully.
  • Carrot cake – Another traditional cake flavour with a hint of spice and with a cream cheese frosting. Carrot is a naturally sweet vegetable added to the mix.

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  • Red Velvet cake – A modern looking cake with a luscious red sponge sandwiched with a cream cheese frosting filling. It is very striking in its appearance due to the addition of Red food colouring. This with the buttermilk and cocoa combine to create the rich red colour.

These are but a few of the many types of cake that awaits you. Getting that mixer ready.



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